Frequently asked questions

How do I upload a drawing?

Go to the 'Kids Artwork' tab in the main menu bar, scroll down to the bottem and follow the instruction of the upload plugin.

How old is Jackson?

Jackson is five-years old and doing great. His mum and dad give him love, attention and as much organic food as he can eat. That's how he manages to go above and beyond everybody's expectation every day. That's what makes him a superhero.

When is the next book planned to be released?

The next Jackson Superhero book will be released in September 2020, and it is the best one yet. In Jackson Saves the Moon, Jackson takes on his biggest mission yet. When the moon loses his smile, Jackson has to help him find it again.

What are Jacksons super powers?

Well, aside from having a life expectncy of just two years, and now being five year's old with a cracking little smile, and generally going above and beyond all expectations, at night when he becomes a superhero he can actually fly. But that is not his biggest superpower. His biggest superpower is his empathy, his desire and ability to help those who need it.